No Spartan Ops Completion Achievement

Ive completed all of the Spartan ops missions, on my console it says i have completed them all. It also say this on Halo Waypoint yet i havent received the achievement for completing all the episodes and Chapters. Does anyone else have this problem? -gt IVIr GiGGLeZ

I’m having that problem too.

try replaying the last chapter on normal skill.

I got it yesterday but i was on legendary

I’ve read you can play a single Episode 5 mission solo and it will pop. Going to try it later.

i did not get my achievment either.

Same problem as well.

If you don’t get the achievement after completing all the episodes, go to any episode and finish any one of the chapters. After you complete the chapter, you will unlock the achievement.

I replyed the last mission but it didnt work, I read another forum post and what you have to do its play ep 1 chapter 1 on easy and it unlocks, it worked for me so hopefully it will for the rest of you peoples. BUT NOW MY COMPLETE 25 CHALLENGES ACHIEVEMENT WONT UNLOCK!!

I’m having the same problem as well. I will try the suggestions posted here later this evening and post back my results.

Play through any level solo on any difficulty. Once finished the chevo should pop