NO shame in copying...

343, seriously…playlists need work, BTB for example, get rid of PRO variant and instead include a Heavy BTB and regular infinity with light vehicles only. Copy some of the more successful playlists from previous Halo games…no shame in it really, after all it is HALO.

Split playlists to “Ranked” and “social” playlists, people like that, they don’t like mixing of ranked type games mixed in with “fun” social types such as Infinity Slayer. No shame in making them seem like Halo 3 or other Halo’s.

I know this is your guy’s baby now, and you want to make your mark in it and all…but seriously… like the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In other words, successful elements in past Halo’s should not have been messed with.

Do some research and bring those elements back and I guarantee that you will get more positive responses instead of all these negative reactions to changes you make.