No screenshots?!

Why on Earth did they remove the ability to take screenshots in theater mode? File browsing was always fun.
Also the UI for theater says that you can click the right stick to zoom in and when you do nothing happens.

Is there even a File Browser at all?

I have not seen one, wonder why they didnt include it…

Yet another much loved feature removed by 343, this series is dead.

Yeah, 343 is killing things that Bungie did right 8 years ago.

To zoom, you have to press both sticks at the exact same time.

That’s one hell of a necro Some dead cats; the thread is over a month old.

That said, you can use the Screenshot/Record feature via XBL for the time being. I seem to recall a functioning Theater appearing in the Sprint at one stage, as well as a visible File Browser. Chances are they’ll integrate them in the Forge 2.0 update, or in the near future.

Ahem… Xbox One DVR. No need to thank me.

Double tap the home button and then press Y. they took out screenshots because screenshots were built in to the xbone

Why implement a redundant feature? Your xbox can take the screenshot for you and share it directly from your friends list or message it to people.