No Score or Experience when Playing FFA

Getting no score and not showing up on the scoreboard after 2 full games of Slayer FFA
Playing on PC through Xbox Game App. This is the first time I’ve had an issue like this. I tried restarting both game and pc and the issue has persisted.


I had that issue tonight on xbox. I’m not sure what triggered it whether it was finishing the battlepass or backing out to the min menu after my buddy left. I fully closed the game and the issue went away. I needed that score for my weekly too.

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Having the same issue more times than not. Super frustrating.

None of the challenges for FFA work. You have to Challenge Swap them.

This happened to me. I wasted a double exp on this challenge as well. I even got first place one game! Nothing no Xp for the FFA challenge nor playing a game. Super upset, had to swap them and now I’m out of swaps.

Mine worked last night. I only had the issue once.

I think they might have fixed things for this week. I had a complete FFA challenge and get 10 kills in FFA challenge - both worked.

I had the issue this morning (12/31) as well as earlier this week (Monday). In between now and then, it was working for me. One more XP challenge and it keeps being FFA related every time I swap it. Running out of swaps!

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Thanks for letting me know - I got lucky I guess.

My issue with us burning through swaps due to these bugs is that the season ends in May so there’s a chance we will run out before the end and have to buy some to help get the weekly ultimate rewards.

(tin foil hat moment: these bugs are intentional to make us purchase swaps haha)

Having this same issue. So much time has been wasted along with multiple Double XP boosts and swaps. We need to be credited for them.

Been having this issue as well :confused: between this and the month long BTB issues seems like 343 really wants you to purchase those challenge swaps

Man, I literally need one more game of FFA to finish my weekly. But two games on two different days and FFA is still messed up. Guess it’s time to bite the bullet and swap challenges again.

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Would be nice if they actually had some variety in the challanges and didnt JUST require challenges for XP. What kind of game makes XP only linked to challanges and not per-game performance ?

It should be a 30/70 split with 30% xP from Challanges and 70% from kills, k/d, Assists, objectives etc.

And them only giving 3 weeklies, one daily and making you oay to unlock the 4th challenge slot is a rip off.

Even call of duty literally has DOZENS of challenges available. DOZENS.

This just happened to me and took 3 challenges from me as well from a single match on top of it…

Having a problem with FFA not giving credit when i play. Its frustrating enough that the game barely runs but then all my challenges are big team and ffa which are a lost cause because they dont work. Please fix this game already! The mcc is leagues better then this

having the same problem with the FFA not providing a score

Yup cant do my challenge and partake the event cause of those stupid broken challenges.wasted my evening on this :frowning: no xp