NO S117 limited edition console?!!

Why the hell isn’t there a master chief Xbox one limited edition?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I really want to buy one but not this cold Lock design!!!

We’ve already had quite a few Chief focused designs, I guess 343 wanted to do something a little different. Sure it would have been nice, but there’s always more to Halo than Chief’s green. Maybe we’ll a return to green for a future console

I wouldn’t mind a covenant themed console, but maybe that’s just the edgy guy in me.

I realy like the design of this xbox one.

The locke design is nice, but when i spend $600(price in Bulgaria) I want the xbox to remind me of the thing that i love most in halo master chief! there are two controller versions, there should be two console versions!

prefer locke desgn