No Rumble Pit, Just FFA

When LSS came out and I actually came to like it, I was looking forward to using it to complete my FFA Challenges from now on as I enjoyed it far more than regular FFA as I thought FFA on the Arena Maps were just a little too chaotic and unfun for me.

But now it seems like they’ve taken away that option, where now last week and this week I’m getting Rumble Pit Challenges.

There’s two major issues that I believe is generally hated by players concerning Challenges: it being the only means of progression, and how infuriatingly restrictive they can be (like Playing/Winning Oddball Games).

While I appreciate how I’ve been getting more open-ended Challenges such as Weapon Kills, Win/Play Any Matches, and the like, getting Rumble Pit Challenges instead of FFA and Capture Zones in Land Grab instead of Capture Zones (where you can do Strongholds, Total Control, or Land Grab) are just the kind of unnecessary restraints that contribute to one despised aspect of the Challenge System.

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