No RP for infection???

Wtf? Why no RP for infection 343?

you get about 1200 per game

Umm you get about 1200 to 1800 per game lol

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> Wtf? Why no RP for infection 343?

What are you looking at? The counter in the regular waiting menu or in the post game report. it tells you how much you got if you click on your guy, Its usually around 1,000 RP.

In the regular menu it can delay sometimes.

Like others say 1200+ Req points is what are we getting per match.

It delays. I played 2 games of infection and got no RP, but on the 3rd game I suddenly had 6000. I kinda like it.

I bet you’re looking at the req pack symbol, the same one that’s on the req station… it says zero if you don’t have any unopened req packs. to the left of that you will see your RP from the finished game.

I played 2 games in a row and both times it tells me I received 0 RP.