No REQ System for Halo Infinite

While the REQ system seemed like a good idea, it’s more of a pay to win scenario. This definitely applies to Warzone. No Generally, I don’t have a problem with the system, as I manage to get decent things from the random packs.

My issue with it is the Mission Victory REQ Boost. Every time I put this REQ on, 90% of the time I lose. It’s like I set myself up for failure. Does anyone else feel like that?

I had it on my previous few Super Fiesta matches in hopes to gain a bonus, but no, I lose every single match. My last Super Fiesta match, I literally rage quit because it felt a bit unbalanced compared to random. The entire enemy team spawned snipers and rockets, while I got pistols and assault weapons, and I didn’t get any heavy weapons until halfway into the match when my team had half the amount of points that the enemy team had. I don’t like rage quitting, but when you go through of a day of only losses in both Arena and Firefight, it gets really frustrating.

I know I’m just ranting but OMG am I having horrible luck with the matches today. I literally just lost a Warzone game on Sanctum, my least favorite map along with A.R.C. I have no problem with somethings, but literally, I used a fusion grenade on a Mantis, it it’s it, but it doesn’t EMP it. Not only that, but I got so close to the same Mantis to board it, and the thing briefly flashed for a second, but no luck and I get killed. Is their some secret as to how to board the Mantis, as well as some other vehicles when you know you should’ve been able to board or hijack it?

Literally, a day of loss after loss after loss gets frustrating.

Anyway, the REQ system. It’s okay, but I do believe it needs to be taken away to make any future games more fair. Instead of pay to win, how about pay for customization. That’d be better. I wish I could buy the Achilles armor.

I don’t think it was a good idea at any point. I think it’s just awful. The loot box trend is getting annoying, as it’s near impossible to know for sure how long you’ll have to play a game to get the armor you want! Could be hours, could be years, just depends on how lucky you are! Regardless of whether or not we want them, they’ll probably make some form of an appearance in Halo: Infinite.