No Req points awarded after match, lost forever?

In previous times where post match data was unable to be retrieved, I was always able to get the awarded Req points afterwards by going to the Req Store. I played a match today and applied a legendary Req Point boost (the one for finishing a match, my first legendary boost ever actually). We eventually went on to win the match, but at the end, I encountered the same error. I didn’t think anything of it, but when I went to the Req store, the points weren’t there. I figured that maybe it was just server issues and played a few more matches, well some 5 more matches and the points still aren’t there.

Are they lost forever, or is there a way to get them back? (e.g. wait it out?) Has anyone else encountered this particular issue and have any insight to offer?

I believe they are lost forever. The same thing has happened to me a few times and I have never received points even days after the incident. It sucks because it is pretty random as well. Commendations progress is affected too, any progress you made during the match toward any commendation will be lost if it fails to load the match results.

On occasion, players may not see their Post-Game-Carnage-Report. If this occurs, you need not worry as your XP and RP earnings are still being tracked and logged for your account. To see your progress, please perform a hard reset on your Xbox One. After the hard reset, this issue should be resolved, and all of your earnings should correctly be applied to your account.

Additionally, if you’d like to verify from a computer or mobile device, you can verify that the XP and RP should be correctly reflected in your Service Record.

Just to close this out, the issue resolved itself, but in an unusual way.

A day or two after I checked on the waypoint site to verify if the match was ever logged, and oddly the match never showed up in my history (based on previous wins and losses and maps). That said, the specific boost req card was returned to my inventory to be used in another match, so overall the loss was minimal, but I still found it odd that the match never recorded.

I just completed a match and that error occurred. I even hard reset and I still didn’t receive anything! It’s not even showing here on waypoint!