No Region Select Why?

Love everything Halo and my mates do to however the no region select and desync is killing this game. The desync I can understand is a larger problem and probably take some time to get into the codes and fix but the region select? They have it in MCC and I know a lot of my mates in Australia no longer playing Halo Infinite because of the constant 250+ms games. Needs to be fixed ASAP as feel you will have no Australian base playing this game soon.


Quite a few threads on here on that. Devs addressed it in this article:

  • Feedback: Desire for regional server selection
    From the article:
    “Since launch we have already done some work to help improve matchmaking in some regions, such as Australia, and will continue monitoring and making updates during the lifetime of this game. It was mentioned in our Online Experience blog, but it’s worth restating in this post too. If we ever feel like the matches we are making do not meet player expectations or our quality bar, we will evaluate additional means of improving the online experience - including considering features like a server selection similar to MCC or search preferences similar to Halo 5 - further down the road.”
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Basically, what 343 said was; “more waiting…” and if the server problems aren’t bad enough then you’ll be waiting indefinitely on server selection.


This was an issue with Halo 5 and we had a megathread going with thousands of posts in it.

So be under no illusions and never forget:

They knew this was an issue. They knew we needed this and they made a conscious decision not to implement one.

This can be only 1 of 2 things:

Huge levels of incompetence and a total disconnect from the actual gaming scene.


It was done on purpose to either help kill Halo or so they could add it later.

Either way it’s not even close to being acceptable!


To late to implement it due to poor palyer population. Should have been in it from the beginning, a lot of people wouldn’t have quit the game…

But 343 managed to get themself and us in a position where everybody only loses no matter waht they do.


Been having nothing but 200 ping games this week, thanks 343.


For me it varies in ranked. mostly 30 but the next game, found within seconds, 145 ms. But to be honest… due to desync, high ping games are pretty irrelevant and sometimes even better to play. And if not I just quit out… I don’t care about the lost CSR if I don’t have fun… and when the banhammer kicks ins I jsut play something else.

Infinte has so many problems, I don’t see any reason to play it if Im not having fun. Thas probably the saddest hing about it: I don’t care about Halo anymore… never thught 343 would achieve this eventually.


Yep. I was very active on the old Halo5 thread, and it took months of complaints for them to address the issue with search criteria.

I’ve pretty much stopped playing Infinite now because of this very issue…I think I’ve played once in the last 2 months, and haven’t even bothered touching Season2 yet.

Other than the desync and high ping lobbies, I don’t care for the FOMO event cosmetics, the challenge system, the XP progression…the game just isn’t a fun experience so I have absolutely zero motivation to play the game. The sun has arrived in the UK today so I think I’ll be off gaming until the autumn as I’ve found other things to do with my time…and COD MW2 will be out around that time so I doubt I’ll be returning to Halo any time soon.


Its really wierd. My ping varies from 30 ms to 120 ms on the same evening im playing. It varies from match to match. The higher the ping is, the more desync issues im experiencing.

I have the same problem in Japan. I love Halo, but it feels like their trying to kill the game on purpose. At least for an international audience. It’s so unfun and disheartening to be put in these games. I get actively excited just seeing my ping under 100 on the rare occasion it happens. It’s sad really.

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Played around 20 matches yesterday and today, 4 x games had a ping of 20-30 great. 6 x games had ping 150ms which was hard but I accepted it. 10 x games had ping 220-270ms lol how is that acceptable? (majority these games on ranked) but that shouldn’t matter. I think it is done on purpose to kill the international base and halo in general which is really sad as I love Halo but this is putting me off it.


the matches are not meeting the “quality bar” already, they should add a server selection immediately

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Or a configuration settings like:

  • search for best connection ( lowest ping )
  • search for similar / even skills ( MMR, CSR )
  • just find a match ( dont care about ping or MMR )
  • use default / 343 search system

Not an optimal solution, but at least people had more options.

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On a Scale of 116 to 210 ms. How bad is your average game? :skull:

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The highest ping i had in a halo infinite match until now was 130 ms - 140 ms.
The ping differs on the same evening from match to match.
On the first match i have an average ping of 30 ms. On the second match i have an average ping of 100 ms. I guess that i get connected to different server from match to match.
Just my assumption: the 30 ms match is on a regional european server. The 100 ms match is on an oversea server.

I would somewhat be happy with 100ms ping as atleast you would have a better chance but still there should be a region select for this also, getting 230-270ms ping is a killer of the game tho.

Wow, 230 ms - 270 ms. Never had such a high ping in a halo match. You are right, 100 ms -140 ms is playable (my own experience) but i cant imagine that a ping > 200 ms is playable.
Rubberband, everything is delayed, desync issues through the whole match or even worse?

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It’s pretty terrible. The only kills you’re able to get are melee basically. Even then half the time it doesn’t register. The game is very unplayable.

From my experience in them I play very sweaty and reserved on corners trying for melees but it usuay takes an extra 2 bursts of br to kill them which is terrible in diamond-onyx. Can usually tell also if others on your team have similar ping as your game quickly becomes a 3v4 or 2v4 due to them going very quick negative kds