No Red Reticule on PC is unacceptable.

The reticule turning red when aiming at enemies in Halo is an important feature imo, without it how can I know when I am in range of an enemy for the Needler to track, the Plasma Pistol charge shot to track, the Gravity Hammers radius and the Energy Swords lunge?

The answer is, I can’t know, because the game doesn’t indicate it.

If the game has input based matchmaking, meaning that I can play with Xbox players if I’m using a controller on PC (you don’t even get the red reticule if you plug in a controller), the players on console will have a huge advantage over me since they are provided with the above feedback.

The reasoning for this making it easier for cheats is just ridiculous, I thought your anticheat was supposed to be good?

You are punishing the majority of players and fans for the sake of possibly preventing a few cheaters. It’s yet another example of why F2P was a horrible decision for this game, just like people defend the Challenge XP system for deterring AFK players.

Please change this 343, PC players shouldn’t be at such a disadvantage like this.