No Recharge Sprint is stupid.

I don’t get how 343i thought of that idea, you can’t really do much but hide or else you get killed for sure. Its frustrating when your Sheilds charge and you sprint the charge time resets. They never mentioned that in the Vidoc…

So you’re that random guy i always see running around without his team that I kill in one shot… Lol

As an escapee I get what youre saying


This helps balance the game out so that it prevents someone from ever being killed. This caters so that if you can go the 5 secondish recharge rate then you can sprint but also allows the killer a chance to finish the job

No shield regen on sprint is a good thing. You shouldnt be rewarded for cowardly behavior.
That and it forces you to either commit or flee while punishing you for running away.

If you’ve taken damage and need to take cover, try to Boost into cover rather than sprinting

I’m a fan of the way it is to be honest. Seems pretty balanced.

Best idea 343 have had I reckon. I knew it wouldn’t shut the haters up but it’s good to see how many people agree that it is balanced.