No reason custom games shouldnt work without internet

Its not a big thing. Probably wont affect many people. However, there is no reason for custom games not working without an internet connection. One of the biggest things about Halo was the local offline splitscreen experience. Now granted, that may not be as big these days but it still deserves to be a viable option.

Also, why can a guest account not play Infinite splitscreen with a main account? You should not need 2 accounts to play splitscreen.


There’s 6 separate ways of owning the game so I started it without an internet connection on PC with Steam to check.

Yeah, you can’t play custom games without an internet connection. I didn’t realize this. Wow. This is a promise from 343i that you won’t be able to play custom games after they take server support for Halo: Infinite down. I had heard first-hand from modders that you can’t edit gametypes directly because editing a gametype was only sending a list of changes to 343i’s servers… but I didn’t fully understand the consequences of that.

This goes beyond tech debt. This is an intentional design decision made by management during development and the consequence is that one day we won’t be able to play custom games when 343i turns the servers off.

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Perhaps this way it is a lot harder for hackers to play-test their hacks since they are always online, and therefore are more likely to be caught by monitors?

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Modders can still get through if they want to mess with the game files. I saw FFA played by a modder with bots before it was playable normally.

I mean, yeah.
But this is possibly a deterrent of some form.

Hi. Can you share some insight about “edit gametypes directly because editing a gametype was only sending a list of changes to 343i’s servers” ? That would probably explain a lot of bug in gametype editing. I use customs a lot, some bugs are very weird such as some entry always auto reset after I set them.

Are you serious? A guest has to have 2 accounts to play split screen?

This was stuff I heard at launch. If you want better answers you might have some luck asking around at the Discord page for HaloMods. (You can find a link to it on the Reddit page for HaloMods.) I mean what I’m saying literally but I don’t have a deep enough knowledge myself to phrase it another way because if I did that then I worry that I’ll say something that’s false.

When you make a change to a custom game you’re not actually making the changes directly to a custom game file. It doesn’t work like MCC. What actually happens is that a list of changes that you have made is sent to 343i’s servers. I don’t know if you recieve the resulting gametype as a file in return or if you get the gametype from 343i’s cloud servers directly when you start the game. That half has faded from my memory.