No ranking/qualifying

hi there,

I was searching about this online quickly but couldn’t find someone having this problem since the meridian update.
I played a couple games today in team arena, multi team (great add! Was so looking forward to it) but I didn’t get a single point/star for a round I played. It just stayed at 0/10 rounds for qualification. The first thing that came in mind is a bug in the update

Thanks for the heads up I play from Germany btw.



Yeah, My Friends and I have the same Problem with Ranks not showing up in the Arena Selection Menu… Really seems to be a Bug with the GoM Update…-.-… I hope this get fixed ASAP…

greets, CRUX

admin, anyone… Can someone in charge say something about this issue?

I appreciate it!

Hey OP - according to your service record you just need 1 more game to make a placement in Team Arena. If that isn’t showing for you in the Halo 5 menu then there likely is an issue. I’ve seen a few others comment on similar issues, I’ll dig around and see if this has been picked up my the matchmaking team yet - chances are is has been noted on Reddit / Twitter / TB :slight_smile:


thanks for getting back to me about this. I don’t see any ranking in arena, but I’ll play one more game to see what happens.

fix this crap please

Same problems for me and my friends when we play halo 5. we are also from Germany.

no improvement for me as of today. Emptying cache didn’t work either as suggested in another thread.

its may 1st and I was hoping for improvement when the new season starts but still nothing! Please fix this guys :confused:

New season hasn’t started yet.

A lot of bugs, used to have to turn off xbox and reload the game, now it just fixes itself.

Re-installed the entire game - no change.
update yesterday and so so so hoping for the stupid bug to be gone but no… Still no ranking when I play a game in arena. I’m I the only fing person on this planet who’s bothering with this?!

can some admin please take a look?

Same -Yoink- here, also Germany.
I had the same problem yesterday, too.
No Stats after each game, sometimes lagging the whole game und no access to the REQ Packs.

What can we do?
Please fix it asap!