No Rank Matchmaking in Warzone?

I have now played 9 games of Warzone.

And lost all but one of them. That’s 8 losses almost completely back to back.

I am far from the worst Halo player but… how is it possible to be on the losing team that often if there isn’t some sort of messed up matchmaking that’s pitting me and whoever I’m unlucky enough to be teamed with against people with insane K/D scores?
One person cannot just lose every game for their teammate so… why am I and those on my teams being pitted against far superior players constantly?
I’m talking about losses where were lucky to get close to halfing the other teams score. It’s really sad and kinda joy-killing what was supposed to be a fun game mode ends up being futile struggles over and over again.

I want to enjoy the game. But… with this type of match ups… it’s just not happening.