No rank displayed?

Been watching H5 mp streams and did not see any in game rank display. I know 343 said they took away pre game lobby ranks, but I’m not seeing them at all. Am I missing something or is this just pre release issue? I would love to see ranks displayed after match has started.

I noticed this too… would be a complete disappointment not to see rank.

Well, if you know your rank, you can assume you are being ranked with people in your skill level. So bronze people with bronze, etc.

The lack of a ranking system is so they don’t have that rank starting before the release.

Calm down guys. Everyone’s ranks are shown in the post-game lobby.

I don’t need to see their rank in my sights.

Just their head.

I believe it’s to prevent dodging.

could it be no one has played 10 games yet and been ranked ??