No Ranged Weapons, CQB Only

Maybe I’m way off base in this world of Snipers, BR’s and DMR’s…but I would really like to see a gametype where AR’s were king. Then maybe I would actually get to see the Storm and Suppressor weapons played with. I like and use the Suppressor often and although inacurate [IMO] I find that it can put enemies down fast if close enough. Maybe even bring back the sub-machine gun. Oh and the SAW is an absolute murder weapon, LOVE IT! Anyways…What you guys think??

On certain maps, the AR beats everything. (I swear it got a damage boost, but I could have had an off night last night)

Indoor maps and sticking to buildings in dominion are perfect for the AR (and I’d assume the others, but I haven’t tried them yet)

That being said, a “classic” gametype would be interesting. With one or two BRs on the map and one or two power weapons.

Yeah that sounds about right. One or two power weapons would work for me