No Radar in Ranked

How about you develop some actual awareness and get over it? Radar has always been bad for the game ranked or not, but if recent events are anything to go by clearly there are a number of players so hopelessly reliant on radar that they throw a tantrum whenever their free info box gets toned down or removed.

No one cares how good you are at staring at your UI. If you can’t handle the lack of radar why do you even care to play ranked in the first place?

I understand your point, but counterpoint; what about people who can’t hear well, or can’t afford a nice headset to hear things? One thing I’ve always loved about Halo other FPS games (which do the attack radar like you’re saying) is that it doesn’t give an unfair advantage to those who have good headsets or just better hearing, because anyone can see people moving on radar so you don’t really need to hear something to know it’s there. It puts players with sensory disabilities or just poor sensory reception on equal ground, meaning all players have to be strategic about movement because everyone knows that everyone else can detect them if they’re close.

So, I do think it’s cool that they have a ranked playlist without radar, cause some people like you obviously like that and that makes sense, but for a lot of people, Halo offers a way to play a type of game they couldn’t normally play by giving players a way to see clearly what they would otherwise have to precisely hear. That’s just one reason I really want @343 to bring back the full radar size like in all the older games, in all the social modes at least.

Dang, man. You salty af hah Radar has always been in Halo, plain and simple. If you don’t like it, then don’t use it. No one’s playing the game by solely staring at the radar. It’s a tool to be used and checked at specific times.

You just can’t fathom the complexity of using multiple tools/senses at the same time, get over it.