No Radar in Ranked

Ranked has always had radar, except for HCS playlists.

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If you think no radar just means you can run around and do whatever you want on the map without consequences, I think there’s a lot you don’t understand.

Crouching serves multiple purposes. Dampen footsteps, Slide, slide out if grapple shot, height advantage in your jump to avoid clamber, ghandi hop, in your strafe
No tactical positioning yet people get spawn trapped?..I think you may need to just view the whole thing under a different perspective man. When radar exists, many players literally stay still amd just wait for a red dot…matches become too predictable, players take less pathways in the map for said reason…etc etc.

Radar promotes healthy map movement, less stagnant games, and more focus on your awareness…your positioning…the positioning of your team mates and how it affects spawns…how you can severely punish the idiot sprinting around the map the entire match.

Halo 5s team arena settings for radar felt better than standard radar, but no radar plays really well.

f you don’t want to receive answers like that. THEN DON’T MAKE a topic asking for “Noobs” things, the radar is an aid for “Casuals”, in no serious FPS there is such a thing.

In Overwatch you have to build 100% ultimate for 10 secs use the “Radar” with widowmaker

In Apex bloodhound / seer they have those abilities under a strict cooldown

Ah but you want RADAR 24/7 so you can kill something?

Ha! This is Halo man…

Where have you been for the past decade? Go back to Fortnite and Apex.

No one wants you here. You’re the type of toxic person that the disclaimer was for. Well done exposing yourself :wink:

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I really don’t understand why we don’t have multiple ranked playlists like past Halo games. This current ruleset with no radar and no grenade hit markers could be called Team HCS, while we could have other ranked playlists like Team SWAT and Team Slayer (with radar and grenade hit markers).

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I keep seeing people like you write things like this, about Halo never having radar in Ranked, and I have no idea why they are misremembering things like this. Is it a Mandela effect or something?

Been playing Halo since Halo 2, and most Ranked playlists always had motion tracker/radar, the exception was special playlists like Team Hardcore in Halo 2 and Halo 3, Team MLG in Halo 3 and Halo Reach, and of course Team SWAT which has always had no radar as part of it’s ruleset ever since Halo 2. For instance basic ranked Team Slayer has always had radar, as you can see below (add the h to https to get the link to work):

Here is a Halo 2 ranked Team Slayer match with radar: ttps://

Here is a Halo 3 ranked Team Slayer match with radar: ttps://

Here is a Halo 4 ranked Team Slayer match with radar: ttps://

Here is a Halo 5 ranked Team Slayer match with radar: ttps://

No radar ranked in Infinite is a first for the series.


Halo has always had radar in Ranked lol you’re thinking of the HCS playlists.

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Thanks for the YouTube links for proof.

I’m starting to think these radar naysayers are being planted by 343 :joy:

Apparently people also think headshot bonus damage to shields was a thing in previous games as well. Not sure how people have this bad of memory lol

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My thoughts is that Ranked is a test. Probably seeing how the community responds to this style of ranked.

Yet another mixed bag, some love it some one an older style. The fun of the Halo community none of us want the same thing.

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Radar has ALWAYS been in ranked. The first time we didn’t have radar was in the ranked H3 MLG playlist, and that didn’t come until the game had been out for a while. Reach, H4 (lol), and H5 all had radar too.

I agree radar should be in ranked. It is very frustrating getting assassinated all the time and not having the option of crouch-walking as another tool in the competitive toolkit.

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yea I realised my mistake of the MLG - Ranked play had it but there were competitive game modes that didn’t. It has been a very long while since I touched ranked myself.

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Halo 5 Team Arena (HCS) has radar although it is detuned compared to other play lists.

+1 Bring back radar in ranked.

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IMO no radar is the superior play style and should stay in ranked
Situational awarness and map awarneess are more important with no radar and I (personally) enjoy that

No radar wouldn’t be a problem if footsteps weren’t so quite, but I think radar in ranked is still better, no idea why they changed it.


Since i get killed from behind way too much (especially compared to previous Halo and other FPS) it would be really good either a radar in ranked or to hear footsteps. It make the gameplay more tactical and enjoyable.

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The sound design is up there with Siege, in the sense that it’s highly directional and based on your greatest threat when it’s working correctly… -_-

At least from my point of view, having to look down at a mini-map is just one of the most garbage UX things in any FPS. Sound is faster than off-center visual.

When MW 2019 reduced mini map functionality for the beta, I wanted to strangle everyone who complained about it, you should have an idea where people are going to be.

A big reason to have radar from a UX standpoint is that not everyone is playing on surround sound or via quality headphones. Where with previous Halo titles this makes sense, but in 2021 the QoL has come up enough that IDK anyone queueing up for ranked without decent sound.
I’m sure there is someone here that blasts music in the room, game muted, with their dog barking directly into a $10 360 mic

I’d rather have no rader than the 18M standard they’re giving us. As is, the current range is useless unless someone’s right on top of you or at a different elevation. At least we have a little more visual real-estate without it as opposed to a mostly useless feature.

I agree that ranked needs radar. Personally, I get motion sickness very easily, and not having radar means I need to endlessly spin around, resulting in getting very nauseated and makes the game unplayable for me. I’m not buying this game without radar in competitive play. Also, having the radius of the radar being tiny makes it useless, and I again can’t play this game due to motion sickness.
I was very pleased with the radar as it was in Halo 4. Bring that back! Radius/range was good and the vertical positioning indications (arrows) was very useful.
I’m OK if some of the ranked game types don’t have radar, like an MLG-style playlist. I just won’t play those.