No Radar in Ranked

How come radar has been removed from Ranked play? I have never played a Halo ranked playlist without radar. I know some people will say the MLG has never had radar, or that radar is a crutch, but it has literally been in every Halo. Why take it out now? A lot of people avoid MLG playlists cause they are full of manic sprinting and spawn camping.

I understand the world is changing, and eSports have taken control of the video game world, so the little guys don’t matter anymore - I get it, I just thought the Halo franchise would be a little different. eSports are now the corporate “investors” in the video game world. If they say anything, the industry blindly follows because that’s where the funding comes from - even though the daily player had supported the industry before the streamers.

Having no radar promotes terrible gameplay and zero tactical field positioning. If there is no penalty for sprinting around like a wild man, e.g. radar giving away a sprinting person’s position, then the gameplay devolves into a sprinting, spray/pray fest. Look at any COD game, if there is no UAV up, everyone sprints like wild until they bump into each other.

If there is no radar, why have crouch? Yea, you can bob and twerk, but literally the function of crouch to “go stealth” is completely useless.

Please at least consider a Ranked playlist with radar.

Constructive criticism would be appreciated, not the generic gEt gUD, trASH! LOLOL imm 14 jERk jeRk -Yoink!- yolo iTZ clan, twitch TV super bruhhh streamface. Just sit down, we all know you are the greatest play out there, just leave us poor players alone.


I have not once played a ranked halo game that had radar? what world are you living in?


Probably the world of Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 5 lol. I can’t remember if Reach had radar, I want to say maybe. I didn’t play much ranked in Reach.

There has always usually been playlist variety with some ranked playlists having radar and others not. Usually the more hardcore ones but OG players may remember snipers used to have a radar too but that was changed over time.

I understand why people want the radar in ranked, I used to much prefer Team Slayer to MLG. Nowadays I’m much more of a HCS (MLG) enjoyer. The sneaky plays are the best. I would love to see more ranked variety. I’m sure it will come. I feel like they’ve been testing the waters with the solo/duo and Crossplay playlists. Right now for every ranked playlist they will need to split it 3 ways.

I could be understanding your comment incorrectly, not sure on the use of ‘?’

Every ranked playlist had radar, H2, H3, Reach, H4, H5. The only “ranked” playlist without radar was the HCS nonsense. Now we’re all being forced to be part of the toxic HCS community.

I don’t remember ranked ever having radar in any Halos. Besides, ranked has been way more fun and less stressful than the other game modes. Surprisingly, I sweat less in ranked than the others! Not sure why.

Probably because they want people moving round the map playing the objective and working as a team using mics and callouts rather than having people camping with power weapons shooting others in the back. They want to promote gunplay rather than hide and seek. The penalty for sprinting round like a wild man involves alot of dying, nobody will do well like that unless the teams are extremely unbalanced. Use a mic and communicate with your team. Personally i hate radar, always find it cheap and has no place in a ranked playlist.


I dont really notice it much, but im an ape and dont use the radar most of the time anyway so thats probably why. I think the lack of radar is trying to bring the ranked more in line with other ranked style games. it definitely shouldnt, halo is halo and should never change to be more like CS or some crap like that. but I would wager thats why

I honestly miss the radar in Ranked. It used to be that only MLG and “Hardcore” playlists didn’t have radar. But now that they let the “Pros” design MP we all have to live with their way of playing.


Personally I agree. I think keeping track of radar, and manipulating what your opponent sees on it are both important Halo skills, and I don’t like that it’s not in ranked at all. I don’t really like BR starts either, but I can understand how this loadout does a better job of separating the better players. Still I think that ranked can include casual loadouts as well. Making use of what’s available is another good Halo skill, and that has less weight when everyone starts with a BR.

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I wouldn’t mind ranked without radar just for those people who dislike it, if the radar in the regular game was worth anything. As is, it’s at 18m but it feels like 10m compares to the 25m of older games. It needs to be increase in size by at least 15%, and for goodness’ sake just bring back the above-below indicators like in Reach (triangles for above, darker dots for below). There was nothing wrong with that system.

The UI for the radar itself also really needs to be bigger.

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Pretty much every halo was like this. What are u talking about?


I’m so surprised by the volume of people who think there wasn’t radar in past ranked Halo games. This has to be one of the craziest examples of The Mandela Effect.


Eh, I prefer pre-reach ambiguity of the Z-Axis, but that’s just personal preference. We could argue about it all day. I can live with it either way.

I think radar belongs in ranked personally. Mlg is fine without it and has a place. Just my opinion.


Honestly, I don’t think the radar makes much of a difference about sprinting, especially with its current range. If anything sprinting is safer than walking because you can get the drop on foes. But there are disadvantages to sprinting, namely time to shoot is lower, and you make more sound.

Speaking of which, sound is another identifier of nearby enemies. I honestly don’t think the radar is very necessary in ranked.

That being said, I also wouldn’t reject it. But I’m used to no radar from Swat so I don’t really rely on it.

You’ve not played many Bungie Halos then, all of which had it in. Not that it makes much difference re: Halo Infinite as the default radar is practically at melee range anyway.

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Mmmm yes. Shotgun fun in corner


needing a radar in ranked
there are loads on things that are far more important than relying on such a noob tool.

Fair enough, but most of the community as I’ve seen prefers more information. And at the very least, I think it should be clearer than the faint glow they have now, even if it doesn’t show above vs. below.

Personally the motion sensor shouldn’t even be in Rank at all. In the full game I’m sure it will probably be there except for certain Playlist like always. But to be honest the Motion Sensor should only be in Campaign and not Multiplayer. The only reason why I say this is because people really to much on it to get kills with.
It would be one thing if it was a Attack Radar that showed enemy players if they are shooting, using a melee attack, or throwing grenades which works perfectly in Halo as long as the Radar is 40m and up. But since it’s not it literally slows down the gameplay experience.
Since most people have a game headset, communicate with there teammates, and since there’s a ping system there’s really no point in having a Motion Sensor anymore.