No PvP armor unlocks from buying/playing the campaign?

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Is this true, 343? I preordered the campaign because I was under the assumption that I was getting the “full game”, not a ~6hr campaign add-on with nothing else. I distinctly remember the devs and reviewers of the game clearly saying we were going to be able to unlock actual ARMOR by finding collectables/skulls in the campaign.

If this truly is the case, then I’m most likely going to be refunding. As a Halo fan since CE first came out, I really wanted to play the story, but I’m not going to pay full AAA price for comparably no content and enable these terrible practices any further…

I was also curious about this.

With the Multiplayer “beta” being Free, with no mention of it goign back behind the paywall of the Game once it’s released on Wednesday, and the Campaign portion coming to GamePass, I am starting to question my decision to Pre-Order the game a little. I love Halo, it’s why I’m here, and I’ve Pre-Ordered every game since Halo 2 and picked up on Launch Day, but, I’m starting to feel a little, I think “Taken Advantage Of” is too strong a phrase, but very disappointed at the least in that I financially supported the game and it has come out that, in a sense, I didn’t even need to pay for it, as it’s all being released for “Free,” from a certain point of view.

I don’t want to come off as greedy or whiny or anything, but, I feel it is to the point of it being a justifiable question as to why someone should have Pre-Ordered this game if nothing comes with it. I was hoping for maybe the First BattlePass to be included with the cost of the game, or at least some exclusive Armor Sets or Components would come with the Campaign, but that is looking more and more unlikely.

Hopefully we’re proven wrong in 2 days, but, man, it would be a bit of bummer to have spent $60 on the Game, and still have to fork over another $10 for the BattlePass to have access to the Reach Armor for multiplayer, and not also not get any exclusive unlocks or rewards.

I’m wondering what the point is, too. If I’m literally only getting a, most likely, quite short campaign, why am I paying $60? Is it to get people to use gamepass since it’s unreasonably expensive? Is it to double-dip fans of the series that will most likely want to actually own the game? Or is it just more promised content being removed for the sake of being resold in future battlepasses or $20 store bundles?

I was willing to give 343 a chance, since it had seemed like they were truly trying to do right by the customer with MCC and, up until the MP release, Infinite, but this is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

A bigger question is about the live service of the game. More story will be added kind of like how destiny gets more story and dlc…but between buying the campaign…battle passes…this big question mark exists. How much is actually in the campaign…and what would even be considered enough? It’s already a known fact it won’t have EVERYTHING year one for a 10 year game…the 10 year isn’t only referring to the multiplayer. How much will the add on to the story cost? Big question marks.