No Push to talk for controller on Infinite?

For some reason there’s a lack of a push to talk / push to toggle bind on controller; personally it’s a pain since I don’t want to have my mic constantly on especially if I’m streaming. On Halo MCC there’s a bind for push to talk but there isn’t one in infinite? Tbh this is something that should have been included in the get go and an overlooked problem


All the buttons are taken up now. If we could replace the AI scanner with PTT, that’d be great.


I was wondering about this.
I turned push to talk on, but then couldn’t figure out what button I need to press to actually talk.


Replacing AI scan with PTT would solve this issue entirely. You never use that function in pvp

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You gotta get the Afterglow Prisma or the Elite Controllers.

Couldn’t they use the other D-Pad directions since only 1 is used for grenades and another for AI Scan whilst in multiplayer? It’s not like you can have more than one equipment in multiplayer right?


what’s the point in talking if the game auto-mutes everyone 70% of the time?