No Purchaseable Armour

Unlocking armour was one of the biggest turn ons for me in Halo 3. I never knew how to unlock any of it or what it looked like, but whenever I did get it I felt extremely accomplished. In the early days of H3(before the armour hackers), I felt proud to have a unique armour peice that no one else had. I felt challenged to try new things in hopes of unlocking something new, and I often did.

In Reach it was really quite boring being able to see everything i could unlock. There was no trick to attaining any of these items. All you had to do was play 200 games of firefight, and BAM! new helmet.

I’m not asking for all of the unlockables to be secret, but at least half of them should be to make things interesting.

Please consider

Definitely not.

In H3, everyone had Hayabusa cuz all they had to do was visit Youtube.
In Reach, it’s about amount of play, which is what they want.
They want you to play longer. Unlockable is flawed.

I do agree with you OP, SOME things should be a secret thats obtained some other way than just playing the game. I loved getting hayabusa and even though everyone had it, I still loved it.

Everyone had hayabusa because there were like 10 armour sets in H3, and everyone wanted to be a ninja.

It would be less of a problem now though, since hackers won’t be able to find the secret armour permutations(like GRD).

I think that we should have to do things (like collect all skulls) to unlock the armour, BUT then on some armours (not all) you have to buy it AFTER you unlock, so you can use it. Best of both worlds. :slight_smile:


Great idea, but i had plenty of other scenarios in mind. You could unlock a new piece for finishing the game on Heroic/Legendary, or by attaining a certain rank in MP.

I had an idea where there would be Hidden spartan bodies in various campaign levels, and just like finding terminals you would press the action button to unlock the permutation.

I really think you could have both, some you can buy with your points and some could be connected with achievements and some could be connected to something you must do in the game, like earn a rampage or a overkill that has to do with your skill, just examples.

There should be more unlockable armor like what Waypoint did with Reach. Vidmaster-type unlocks would be nice too.

I want armour that cant be obtained using a quick guide, something that has be to truely earned (like beating the game on mythic difficulty by yourself).

Should be a bit of both.

Most armor pieces should be tied to a purchase system.
And then you could/should have armor pieces which are to be unlocked. For instance by reaching level 30 in SWAT for instance, or completing a certain level of a commendation.

That way you’d get 75-80% of the armor available through purchase (AKA: playing a lot = more replay value), and the rest through some specific “performance goals” so to speak which are more like little challenges.

That way you’ll also give people “more incentive” (as if winning isn’t enough) to perform better, or to rank up. I mean, if you tie some real epic armor piece to a certain level in a gametype/playlist, people will try harder to reach that level perhaps.

how about a mix of both? I’d be happy.

an example like this:

Armor A: Unlocked through beating the fourth level in the Campaign on Heroic
Armor B: Unlocked by reaching the rank of General
Armor C: Unlocked by spending 20,000 Spartan Points
Armor D: Unlocked by having the achievement “This Is How It Should Be”
Armor E: Unlocked by finding the IWHBYD Skull
Armor F: Unlocked by reaching 1,000 total Assist medals
Armor G: Unlocked by beating the entire Campaign on Legendary, reaching the rank of Inheritor, and spending 3,000,000 Spartan Points.

Yeah I agree I think a mix of both would be a good way of doing it. If I’ve beat the game on Mythic or been brave enough to complete it SLASO then it would be cool to have some unique armor perm, and if I’ve saved enough cR then it would also be cool to get something rare and expensive too.

> It would be less of a problem now though, since hackers won’t be able to find the secret armour permutations(like GRD).

The GRD helmet isn’t an unlockable. I can tell you this with absolute certainty.

A mix of both would please everyone.