No pre order Bonuses from HMV UK?

I pre ordered the Limited Edition from HMV a few months back for the simple fact that it is £10 cheaper than GAME and I liked the custom Locus Helmet you got from pre ordering it however I picked up my game today and was not given the pre order bonuses that were promised.

I wrote on HMV’s facebook wall and they replied back saying that lots of their stores don’t have the codes yet and couldn’t give anyone them. The bad thing about this is they don’t take your email when you pre order like stores like GAME do and they can’t exactly email you it when they get it. I was told to email their help email address but this was hours ago and I have yet to even receive a reply regarding my pre order bonus code.

Overall I think this is appalling, anyone else order from HMV? If so, have you got your pre order bonus?

TLDR - Pre ordered from HMV, they told me and lots of others they don’t have any pre order codes for those that pre ordered.

I’ve been scratching my head all day with this problem too, I put all the codes in and none of them were the locus or warrior armor. It got delivered to my door with the limited edition just in a package, no extra paper or anything that could have the code on. Been frantically going through all my old emails too in case I may have missed them sending it me… again… nothing…
I have emailed them and still waiting for a reply…

I received my h4 today in the post from HMV but as you said there were no codes for some reason, I’m pretty annoyed to be honest. I emailed them today but am yet to receive a response…

I’ve both emailed and phoned hmv, they told me that they’re sending out the codes to the customers via email. That was yesterday and it’s still not arrived.
If you’ve bought the limited edition from the hmv store, hold on to the receipt and take it back to the store as proof or phone them up and arrange them to forward the code you’re owed via email.
The service from hmv has been a joke, everyone else got their codes WAY in advance.

I got the recruit prime skin & helmet + a cryotube & recruit avatar stuff. No Locust helmet though.

It’s the same story with GAME. None of the pre-order bonuses that were promised have been given out to anyone as far as I know.

I got the Game pre order bonus, Check whatever email is associated with your Game account if you bought it only. If you bought it in the store check the reciept, i now in the past ive had xbox codes on the receipt.

I also pre-ordered from the HMV website.

What I wrote:

I pre-ordered halo 4 through your website specifically for your
unique pre-order bonus. I did not receive this with the item as I
opened it this morning and am very disappointed. Why was this listed
on your website leading me to buy from you when no code was given to

Please can you help me sort this out as I have missed out on getting a
pre-order bonus from any company now as the game has been released and I presumed that you would honour your advertisements.

Their reply:

Dear Mr W******,

Thank you for your recent email.

We will send out the pre order bonus codes to customers during the week of release.

These will be sent to your e-mail address that is linked with your account with HMV.

Guess we will just have to wait and see. sadface

I pre-ordered from Public (Greek company) I received all my pre-order bonuses. Somehow, at the same time the courier gave me the game. I hope you will receive yours soon.

Just got my HMV code through my email account linked to their website.

Rocking Locus helmet like a boss.