No Playlist Selectors?

Personally feel like Halo Infinite will sadly lose a lot of it’s player base by forcing them to play random game modes. Most of the gamers I know have specific modes they enjoy playing and they’re definitely not Stronghold and CTF all the time. Do we have any knowledge of when they will be putting out playlist options to select from, because personally, this isn’t it. Halo Infinite at it’s core is a great multiplayer game rivaling the best of the Halo series but the whole “Not being able to select what you play” is killing the game.

-Just Some Guy


Can’t wait for a limited-time event in the year 2026 that’ll bring back Slayer for a week

I hate the fact we can’t queue for specific modes.


I’m hoping that it’s only because it’s a “beta” right now. I’m generally not a fan of that defense for the state of mp, but I think it applies here. True, they said these are the maps and modes we’re getting at launch but they didn’t say this is how they’d be arranged. I’ve got my fingers crossed for things like dedicated team slayer, team objective, doubles, and free for all playlists.


I agree. You think it would be a simple thing to add in. @SPARTAN_BLUE_2 agreed that’s what I told my friends. I said that maybe on Launch I could see them adding in the selectors or something. That’s what I’m holding my breath for. Dedicated Playlists are going to “revive” the game, even though it’s not dead. Same with Ranked, want each playlist to have their own rank like Halo 2 used to back in the day. Simple little things like that and we’ll be on the right track imo.

this is why I uninstalled the game. It boggles my mind that Halo is the only game that has this issue. Selecting what mode you want to play should be standard by now. I do not understand the thinking behind this, and I’m told even at launch you wont be able to select what modes you want to play.

Once this has changed then I will reinstall and try. 343i always seems to take 1 step forward and many steps back. This has been the case with every Halo game they’ve worked on. I don’t know why just allowing us to select specifically what modes we want to play is such a difficult thing to do. Even in COD games, Titanfall…etc you can go in and tell the game EXACTLY what you want to play. You can customize your own MP experience. Why is this so difficult for 343i to do. It’s incredibly frustrating. Like really, because it something that should be very simple to do. I do not understand why they won’t.

By then they will be charging us “match passes” for 1 dollar and you can only play a round if you use a match pass.

I don’t understand it at all.