No player collision

Play collision is something that’s been in halo for a long time and adds to the sandbox effect in my opinion I noticed while in the games there was none I’m fine if it’s just the social match making that doesn’t have it but I’m ranked or competitive should have and for custom games we should be able to turn it on or off if that’s the case.

I’m going to guess that it is just disabled in this build of the game. Same goes for friendly fire, I’d like to hope that both will be enabled in all matchmaking modes in the final build of the game

Personally hope they wont have friendly fire if so it be limited damage to prevent trolls team killing for the power weapon or intentionally killing players cuz they hate their life. As far as player collision goes im fine with that being in the game doesnt matter to me if its in or not but definately NOT friendly fire.

If we were able to kill teammates I would have in my first two games. Getting used to the highlight visuals was an adjustment for me. It’s no problem now, but I sure would have pissed a few people off in the beginning. lol I’m assuming a lot more is to come - we’re just playing social Slayer. I want to know what will change for something like Swat, which I hope to God they have in the works. Full disclosure - I’m trying to stay away from as much info about the game as possible until it releases. Being able to do the flights is a lot of fun this weekend and gives me some insight but I’ve no doubt a lot will be different when it comes out. Hopefully most of us will be happy.

I believe it’s actually mentioned on the known issues page. “Unusual behavior” when colliding with other players and certain objects in game. Maybe said behavior was meant to go Casper, The Friendly Ghost on each other?

No player Collision got me killed a couple times me and my teammates strafe at the same time and and all I could see was the inside of his helmet

Definitely should be part of the game for me it does not make sense if it’s not in it will be disappointed. But they just wanna test bots and fix some bug so sure it will be in the next beta