No player collision because of "heavy" bug?

Just caught a video where it was high speculated that the ‘heavy’ state causes a glitch/bug in players. So, 343 got rid of player collision to prevent the ‘heavy’ state. If that is true, having no player collision was likely not in the early concepts for Infinite’s gameplay. It is just a byproduct of crappy development.


It’s possible, but I think this was an intentional choice in game design, not brought on by some bug they couldn’t fix in time.


by some bug they couldn’t fix in time.

Its probably much more a huge bug within the engine they cant identify and are unable to fix, so they worked around it in order to get a somewhat working game


It seems any bug is huge for 343 at this point.

They’ve said in the past that no collision was a design decision. So I’ll contribute this to a bad gameplay design and unnecessary changes rather than incompetence (certainly there is plenty of that going on too).

I’m not sure it really matters a whole lot anyways. It’s sad to see all the content creators in our community scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to topics.


This whole game is a by product of crappy development.

No collision was an extremely bad decision and makes no sense.

Although I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s a bug they can’t fix. In light of everything they have said and done, how can anyone take anything they have said and say at face value?

These core elements to the game need to be fixed.

From the article:

  • Feedback: Some players like no player collision, while most would like it to return

Collision was turned off for allies to reduce frustrating moments of getting hung up on friendlies in tight spaces, or backing into allies and feeling like you’re hitting a wall. We feel like this keeps things cleaner and lets combat flow more naturally. However, we are aware of the community sentiment and are discussing future mitigations. We also want to include making it an option players can switch on and off in custom games.

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When you throw a grenade and it hits your teammates collision shield instead of hitting your enemies, it sure effects the gameplay, espcially in close combat.
That heavy object bug/glitch was fixed with friendly fire. The game was in beta mode at release and still is. The problem is that its harder to fix now.

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This is a very interesting theory.

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The inconsistencies are what irk me the most. I can walk through friendly players, but their bodies are solid when they walk in front of me and block my shots.

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Maybe the invisible shield is too big.

If this is indeed the case, it isjust further evidence that 343i can’t code a game to save their life and that the game hsould have been delayed again for another year minimum
I’ve said this before, but can imagine what the game would have been if it launched when it was originally intended to?
What exactly were they going to ship to us in 2020?

343 skill issue. Better in their opinion to remove a fan favorite feature than admit they messed up. Just like adjusting grenades, rockets, mangler, and vehicle health, to try to make desync less obvious, instead of fixing it. The gravity hammer also works as it should in offline splitscreen, but online and LAN, it doesn’t, probably because desync issues.

Whether they argue it’s because of a bug or because of obsessive competitive balance, either way, 343 is in the wrong

If you haven’t, please check out mint blitz’s video on this.

I’m fairly sure this is the marketing team glossing over the truth of bugged physics with a band-aid.

I’ve seen it, it’s far from a smoking gun. Just speculation, which he is quite clear of in the video.

The quote from 343 is garbage in my mind.

Collision has never been an issue in Halo. Tha lack of collision creates more issues and solves none.

The quote is proof of their incompetence, whether it be understanding the gameplay or understanding their code.


I wonder if they turned off FF in social just to back there „less frustration theory“ a little more. Noone asked for it…

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