No plans yet for Airsoft replicas?

Really? I can see this being very profitable. Who doesn’t want to own dual SMGs, or the ODST version, or the M6D or M6G? The shotgun? Hello, I’d spend big money on a full metal, high quality replica of that!

Anyone else out there wishing for these in full metal glory to play some Airsoft or just collect?

dude i would definately buy one

what would be better if the people on the show sons of guns made a REAL one that would be awesome


I’m more of a NERF person but YOINK YEAH i would buy one

Nerf doesn’t really do replicas. Airsoft and paintball guns do replicas much more frequently. It’s a small market, so I don’t think 343/ Microsoft would invest in that sort of thing.

Resident Evil replicas were made and seemed to be pretty popular.

I’m pretty sure there are enough Halo fans for this to be a worthy venture. Plenty of kids make their own out of paper on YouTube.

I love guns. They are aesthetically pleasing. Much like expensive cars…

Halo had laser tag replicas but the $$$ jazwarez was charging killed them. Master Replicas was also working on an energy sword but that company dropped the halo ball.

Yes, I request AirSoft replicas, and I’m not talking the stupid plasic ones, I’m talking full metal airsoft replicas, hell I could make one, but that’d mean I’d have to find a really good model for some of the Halo weapons in right file format so I can use a C&C mill to carve out the base model, then I an use it to make molds to make the out side of the weapon, then as far as the innerds, I’ll have to buy me some old airsoft rifles that I don’t mind riping apart, that match the triger, magazine well, and bolt lay out as the Halo weapons.

But that’s too much work! But if they did make airsoft replicas, I’d be really happy. :slight_smile: