No pheonix emblem in Halo 4?

Hey everyone,

So for the past Halo games I have stayed true to one emblem ‘Pheonix w. shild and shield background’. But to my dismay this emblem does not exist in Halo 4. After the first 50 levels with no luck on my favorite emblem I went to the internet to search for the Emblems you get with each specialization. But no luck with those unlocks as well.

The closest emblem that looks anything like the Pheonix is the special unlock emblem you get at Spartan rank 130. I will end up using this emblem when I get there because it is closest to what I had.

Question, 343 you have added so much incredible pieces of customizable emblems for the player card. But why with all in new content would you take out the Pheonix?

Again people, I am saying I love Halo 4. I just am wondering why they took out my favorite emblem of the Halo series.

Signed, -Phenom