No Performance Based XP is the biggest issue

I’ve admittedly already become that teammate not even remotely playing the objective in social to rather try and get through some of these awful challenges because of how painfully slow progressing without doing them is.

Just yesterday I was camping by shock grenade spawns for the shock chain challenge. Why would I care losing a social game when there is literally nothing to lose, there isn’t even a service record I can take some pride in. Here comes my pitiful 50xp either way.

For me, ranked is the only thing worth playing at the moment, at least there’s some tiny sense of accomplishment to do well so I can break into Diamond.

Having a system built around how well you do and the score you earn in game would do away with a lot of problems. Challenges should be supplementary, not the main focus. (Challenges should be more a lot more general too, but that’s another matter).

Surely there could be something where for every 100 score you get you get 1xp, or something similar.

Eg. 20 kills on Team Slayer = 2,000 score, equals 20 additional XP.

Eg. 20 Kills and 10 Assists on Team Slayer = 2,500 score, equals 25 additional XP.

Eg. 20 kills and a Flag Cap = 2,300 Score, equals 23 additional XP.

Maybe add another 30xp for winning, and lower the participation reward of 50xp to 40xp.

This still keeps things pretty slow as 343 clearly want it - whilst actually providing an incentive to play the game properly instead of screwing over your teammates for that one challenge.

It’s moronic that I can go 0-18 or go 22-4 with 2 flag caps and 5 returns and it doesn’t matter in the slightest.


I’d be satisfied with that but a little more

e.g. 2,300 score = 230 personally.

They’re working on it apparently! In the Tech Preview News 2 post, they talked about they are working on a progression system outside of these challenges to unlock stuff, but it’s gonna take some tweaking and time. Totally agree with you. It’s a challenge fest out there. The “play 1 game” challenge thing is just a band-aid for now