No parties playlist would be smart:)

For people like me who have to play alone a lot because of work scheduling, I usually have to stick to Rumble Pit. I constantly get teamed up against 4 or 8 people in party chat when I jump into a team battle, and when i’m stuck with a bunch of randoms it already puts us at a disadvantage especially during objective gametypes. Not only would this make things a little more balanced, but it’d prolly pressure randoms to wear headsets…and frankly Halo Reach seems alot less chatty than Halo 3 which is a bummer:(

No party Chat? No, I want to keep that. No Reach Parties? Yes.

I just mean no people grouped up, having a team of 8 people teamed up against 8 randoms seems unfair to the randoms like me, we should have a playlist for team battles too since when I play none of my friends are online.

I completely understand what you are saying. I agree that a playlist needs to be made that does not allow parties. I usually like to play by myself, and I don’t want to always be fighting against some stupid clan in Team Slayer. I like a good game, but I am more casual about Halo.