No Pain No Gain Only On CE?

Achievement: No Pain, No Gain
Description: Complete 1 mission with the LASO playlist skulls enabled

Ummm, except it doesn’t work. I want to do this achievement on Halo 2 or Halo 3: ODST, but if I go to the respective game and Press A on the achievement, it asks to “take me to the appropriate lobby to unlock the achievement.” Except, it always loads Halo CE…and there’s not really a definitive list of skulls that need enabled for LASO per game. Kinda makes just starting this achievement frustrating because I don’t exactly want to do Cairo Station LASO. Id rather attempt other, easier missions.

After hours of looking I finally found a forum post on another site that links to a waaaaaaay back halo community update telling what skulls are on for what playlists. So I just turned them on manually in the respective campaign lobby for the achievement.

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