No other ranked playlist? Game die soon

Game need more update. Game like cod or destiny are weekly update.
This game need a better system of ranking ,
This game need maps. Simple map like create to forge…but need map.
This game need to be always follow. Every week with update …
Or this game die soon. There is so Michele competitor now on the market.


Who is this Michelle competitor? Seriously though, people need to relax.

Does the game need Ranked Slayer, SWAT. Team Doubles, FFA? Absolutely, but people are too negative, its certainly not a game that is going to “Die Soon”


I totally agree. Compared to Halo 5, 10 steps backwards have been taken in regards to ranked play lists, Infinite only has one ranked play list and you are also obligated to play skull, flag and strongholds. Furthermore, I personally believe that they must give the possibility to deactivate the cross play, it can no longer be used. If things don’t change soon I think many like me will abandon it and it would be a shame, the gunplay is very good.

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Not sure it will KILL the game, but yes there needs to me a ranked overhaul. Playing ranked and being force to play MAJOR team based games like CTF and oddball with teammates that could care less gets extremely discouraging. Not to mention all the desync and ping issues. Just doesn’t feel like it is really “skill” based at all.

I agree the game needs more playlists, a ranked slayer mode cant be hard to fix. And make some classic maps too.

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