no one to train with/customs Join the reapers

We are The Reapers, We will fight alongside one another till the, end NO matter how Tough the enemy is WE will WIN. We are always going to be there for everyone GOOD and BAD, Because we believe in teamwork and, thats why we TRAIN to be the best for our PEERS so they know we always GOT their back, because we are MORE than a TEAM we are a FAMILY.
join and help us and you get Achilles armor set
And we really want a bunch of people to play custom games with like every weekend or so when we have people on witch is not much because we are a small company who wants to get bigger

Company Link
The Reapers

Points of Contact
Bbeltdragon leader/trainer Br mostly
DARKSPARTANWOLF co leader/recruiter/ driver/gunner trainer
DARK HEARTT co leader/trainer stealth aka assassinations
KEVis sasquatch co leader/trainer sinper/driver