No one plays for objective

Why does the ranking system not recognize when a player top scores from lets say holding a ball in odd ball the whole time because the team doesn’t want to pick it up as getting kills is the best way to rank up in halo?

Its getting annoying watching team mates just ignore objectives so they can climb by having the chance to get the kills while playing for objective is not rewarding.

Winning the game should be the number one thing that gives CSR then score then KDA.

Ranked system needs to be fixed in this regard.

ALSO A RECONNECT BUTTON needs to be implemented with a timer like in CS GO.


When the game first launched in November you got the most XP reward for holding/capturing objectives. Now for some reason you just don’t. There is no insensitive to play objective unfortunately. Something that needs to change.


yeah, but good luck holding that ball without the team getting those kills. Kind of hand and hand.
works best to be dropping the ball a lot anyway.

Yes, I agree kills are important , however if the team does not want to hold ball for even a second its a bit silly. This is due to how the ranking system rewards KDA over just general score.

Score should be the main thing as holding ball does provide score , however the system seems to ignore the score part all together and focus just on KDA.

That certainly is an issue.
I have often seen this in multiplayer but it can be a problem the other way as well…people recapping rings/zones over and over instead of actually holding them.
It is something that can be adjusted and added to the list of fixes.

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This seems to be a common issue in most of the FPS games I play now-a-day… Everyone seems to just care about goofing off the entire time and that’s it.

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i agree. just concerned about the win/loss change suggestion. thanks to the somewhat implemented system of KD being more important, i havent lost CSR when losing matches with squids on my team. (sometimes). so if that was implemented people would probably just start losing CSR for every loss even if they played top in the match, which wouldn’t be fair.

The way other FPS works is that the MVP usually loses less CSR than the rest of the team in things like CSGO / Valorant . I agree to a certain extent however other games have this system in a better place, no system can be perfect. however if the game was based on score when you slay your team would get objectives as they would know they wont be penalized to actually try and win .

yeah. i dont really see why they track score if it doesnt contribute much to your win or loss.

Yes they do … after the quests are completed, like 15 side kick kills is > objective.

I go for objective. Look at my crap K/D. I nurse that flag and oddball all day. But like the dude above said, that alone does not win you games, you need some K/D farming MLG dudes on your side too.

Its not about that, its about rewarding those who do pick up the ball. Why should objective players who can slay out but they cant because they want to win be rewarded less for having HIGHER score but worse KDA?

It should be based on the overall score but it seems to work off KDA if I get a higher score then another person shouldn’t I get more points, or should the person who just goes for kills and forgets ball get higher?

If its based off KDA then there is no reason to show overall score on the scoreboard so that should be removed as its literally useless.

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