No new lefty button layouts? :(

I was looking over all of the new button layouts for Halo 4, and I noticed that there is STILL no new button layouts for southpaw players. Given how easy this would be, I am saddened that there is still only 1 option available for Halo 4. I was really hoping that there would be a southpaw bumper jumper, but I guess 343 doesn’t like leftys. :frowning:

Am I alone? Is there any other leftys out there that feel like I do?

I am a righty I tried southpaw once I was like how do you use this. But Maybe south paw didnt need new controls. for just about every halo game I have always used default but Since the halo 4 default is messed up (why would be crouch and toggle sprint?) I decided to go recon