No Multiplayer for 6 1/2 hours... Why.

So, I got the game at 10am, plopped it in my Xbox One, and let it do the install, played some campaign while waiting for the game to finish all the installs, unlocked some stuff, and was pretty pumped to play online.

So why can’t I?

The Multiplayer for this has been up for about a week with copies bought before street date and I would assume it’s been in testing for MUCH longer… Maybe you had a code freeze, and maybe that 15/20gb Day One patch was the Data after it… but what gives? Do the programmers read bug reports? is your QA team not doing it’s job? Did they even play multiplayer? If they did, did they report any bugs, and even further did your programmers listen to them? Was it in the GDD, or the producers choice to make multiplayer terribly buggy? Because if so I get it, we’ve all been there. But if not… why is it this bad?