No multi-player PVE!?!? (spartan ops/ fire fight)

Why isn’t there any multi player PVE stuff either like another Spartan ops or fire fight. I and many others that may play halo does not like playing PVP nor wants to spend real money to unlock all of our armour and looks just for Custom games, why is there no way for casual PVE players to get coins and unlocks without having to deal with PVP??? will there ever be a fire fight or season 2 Spartan ops so PVE can get unlocks after they complete the game? or is it a big F You to the casual gamers that doesn’t want to deal with the childish unsportsmanlike conduct PVP players? and no warzone does not count as PVE as it puts you against realy players as well not just AI there for it is still a PVP game mode. For Fire Fight you can make it so you have to survive waves like usual but also have you do tasks for some waves like hack a computer/ kill a important target/ Secure a Point. Almost like mass effect or Ryse son of rome. it will change up the pve experience some and wont make it as repetitive because it will be random on your tasks.