No MTX in MCC EVER! Not an angry post

You didn’t even in this response, I specifically chose the responses for both hypotheticals today illicit specific responses to each.

In reference to which specific set of hypotheticals?

In reference to which specific set of hypotheticals?

Whoops went cross-eyed for a second lol, that response was to the first set, here’s my response to the second:

Pre-MTX Mirage: I put in the time to unlock it and would like to put in more time to unlock more stuff.

Post-MTX Mirage: I feel like I put in the time for nothing, and would rather go play a game that doesn’t reward credit card users.


I cannot stress this enough: MTXs do NOT belong in MCC. Full stop. I was a big-time Asphalt 8 player from 2014 to 2019 but I eventually deleted that P2W trash because it was scarring me psychologically and financially (those PAY-2-PLAY R&D events with cars like the Zeus Twelve Sigma and TVR Sagaris SE were the last straw). I saw A8 devolve into a PAY-2-EVERYTHING GAME before my eyes! Going into the Halo franchise after years of playing racing games changed me for the better, but that sadly might end soon with the addition of MTXs in MCC. Halo MIDfinite already is a HUGE scam (obviously due to being F2P) in not just the financial aspect, but in many others too, especially the psychological aspect and bandwidth usage as well.

As far as H5 goes, yes I have seen a bunch of very low-level players wearing Mark IV GEN1 (no, not the armor you get from completing your first mission or MP game on MCC), and most of them tend to be in UNSC clans from what I know. And then we have the low-levels with Helljumper, FOTUS, Argus, etc. that only play customs (don’t even get me started on the Assassinations or recruitment lobbies either!), which the low-level UNSC clan players often tend to fall into as well. I still remember busting my backside to get the Centurion armor set (you can easily tell it’s my favorite one), but I am still so glad I got it towards the end of the first year of my now-endless Halo 5 career.

Now, onto MCC. I have threatened before to delete MCC or at least move it away to my external hard drive the second it gets MTXs that invalidate the grind for players like us, and I am getting ever closer to actually doing it. I spent hours and hours of grinding for all of the cosmetics from Seasons 1, 4, and 7, but now I feel gravely insulted because the MTXs have devalued all the work I put into MCC to get the Reach and H4 cosmetics I really wanted! The_FFA_Panda is right: it would be much better to increase the rewards per challenge instead of allowing players to buy MTXs to skip the grind and then devalue the work of everyone who grinded their backsides off to complete the battle passes.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow. If MCC gets MTXs and they are as bad as we have feared, it’s getting removed from my Xbox for a LONG time, maybe even for good. At that point, H5 will be the only Halo game I will even be playing since Halo Wars 2 is still unplayable with all of the stupid crashes and black screens it gets and I got bored of Halo Wars 1 after completing its campaign.


Well, in actual fact, the update tomorrow won’t bring any changes in regards to MTX. Which is why the situation is even more frustrating since they’re dragging out this discussion as long as possible. It’s completely unnecessary and all it serves is to make a particular portion of the remaining playerbase irritated.

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Exactly. What 343 are attempting to do is drag this out so we stop talking about it. And let me tell you, I have ZERO intention to stop talking about it, ESPECIALLY here on the forums.


I know that a lot of people have posted in other forums multiple ways for 343 to reduce the grind for spartan points. From adding more challenges that earn season points to re-implementing campaign exp.

The point is that any claim by 343 that the grind is currently too high to not include MTX’s is arbitrary. They’re the ones that made it so difficult, they can just as easily make it, well, easy.

They just don’t want to because they want to milk MCC for all of the money that they think they can make. Clearly Halo Infinite isn’t making them the money that they hoped it would. Frankly, I don’t believe them when they claim that they’re still thinking about it. Decision like this is likely to have already been set and they’re hoping that we’ll either exhaust ourselves or get distracted by other issues to keep the attention on forced purchasable spartan points in MCC.

Agreed, no mtx in MCC.

How is that even remotely fair to the community?


I certainly did man, I was walking in to clock back into work and saw it just before putting up my phone.

I’ll take the admonishment on that one, I have the response quoted specifically referencing the specifics and I missed it by a mile because I chose to rush things.

But I digress, let’s continue:

→ You play MCC pre-MTX
→ You see a person using ODST helmet in Reach
→ * Feeling of accomplishment for earning the armor.*

→ 343i introduces MTX into MCC
→ You see a person using an ODST helmet in Reach
Wondering how much little Timmy spent on his moms credit card to unlock the armor.

(What is your immediate reaction?)

Considering ODST is unlocked around level 19 within the Noble Season Pass, and that the first 100 levels award SP’s alongside challenge SP rewards, your honest first reaction to seeing one of the more obtainable and common helmets on another player in game is going to be whether they spent money on it? Or that prior to MTX’s being added that you honestly feel a sense of vicarious pride for seeing a low tier helmet like that being used simply by it glancing on your screen?


→ You play MCC pre-MTX
→ You see a person using Mirage in Halo 3
I put in the time to unlock it and would like to put in more time to unlock more stuff.

→ 343i introduces MTX into MCC
→ You see a person using Mirage in Halo 3
I feel like I put in the time for nothing, and would rather go play a game that doesn’t reward credit card users.

(How does this directly affect your experience?)

Aside from the fact you didn’t answer the question as described given the context of the scenario (seeing it on someone else), it should be noted that Mirage has only existed twice in the exchange so far within 10 months. Let’s say MTX are added tomorrow, do you really think logically a player who put money into the SP’s would have obtained this rather illusive set with money knowing it hasn’t appeared during the MTX introductory period and most likely won’t appear again for a very long time?

Both answers seem rather high brow for a game which features very few cosmetics that can be earned through merit (of which have been slowly added to the rotational pool, something I actually disagree with), let alone the fact 99% of unlocks are earned in an overtly casual manner.

I’m still gonna play MCC for H3, CE & Reach

But MTX in MCC should Never,ever be introduced into this game, because to me it feels like a big hot Middle Finger to me who put so many day’s grinding the Seasons by playing the game just for Lil’ Johnny to buy points to cheese through the Seasons

What happened to Play to Earn these days


As long as I can continue to have the new cosmetics toggled off I’m happy.


Honestly with how horribly Halo Infinite is monetized it’s okay be to be angry.

A game not having any microtransactions in today’s world of AAA games is a breath of fresh air. Thinking about how 343 is contemplating on destroying that peace angers me greatly.


If it wasn’t already apparent putting microtransactions in MCC definitely would show where the true priority lies within 343i. I mean, even the fact that it’s a consideration kinda already does. They might dress it up nicely and try and misdirect people on their true intentions but honestly, I’d like to think most of the community would be mature enough to see past that

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