No MTX in MCC EVER! Not an angry post

Ok I know the title sounds aggressive, it’s not, just emphasized.

MCC is the only remaining way to play these games online, and myself along with MANY other Halo fans would consider MTX of any form in MCC as a desecration to those games, and thus would make MCCs games feel less valued because it would essentially remove the one thing Halo was known for with it’s cosmetics: Hard work pays off. Those of us who earned our armor or grinded for it, would start seeing level 1’s running around with the full armory unlocked and for players like myself that would devalue the armor sets I earned because someone was able to use mommy’s credit card to bypass the work portion of the unlock system.

Perhaps I can use another example, Helioskrill was originally only unlocked from completing CE, 2, 3, and 4 on MCC on Legendary for Halo 5. But shortly after H5’s launch 343 added Helioskrill to the gold req armor pool and completely devalued the work of every single player who busted their butts to get Helioskrill.

If 343 were to add MTX to MCC it’d be Helioskrill on a grander scale, players WILL leave, the game will die, the franchise will die, then what? New games? Who’ll buy them, you no longer have the old school Halo fans to support you.


you’re right it comes off a tad aggressive… but I’ll say this anyway because it’s the most likely to happen.
ok so Imagin this… you work 40 hrs a week and have obligations keeping you from playing the game… then you see a crazy halo 3 armor lets say… now you could 1. grind away for it… which i mean if you can and want to go for it… or 2 pay for it… that too is a viable option if you want the look without the play time.

that’s a very simplistic argument for mtx which i have no love for believe me. but as in all things the option should be available. now what you probs think is if mtx is put in the xp will be throttled to encourage armor purchases. that for sure won’t happen. the mcc’s customization and progression system are made without mtx included. meaning if you play the game normally nothing will change.

What will likely happen is MTX option will be added to the exchange, they just released their plans for a brand new customization menu and credits will continue after lvl 100 and any missed credits since lvl 100 will be given to the player. thats already happening… now if mtx is pushed on the player then ya we could have an issue but i don’t think it will be. MCC is going on 8 yrs at this point, they don’t expect new players they expect returning players who are impatient with the newest stuff. the lvling wont change, the game wont change, just a new option.
so i say
wait for it to happen before stating it is the worst thing ever. chances are the experience you know and love won’t change at all. the only difference, you can spend money for unlocks vs playing the game and challenges for unlocking. and again the system itself is built around the leveling and challenges not the grind, you will not see an artificial grind added due to the option to pay being added.

I cannot imagine how. The orginal armors, aside from Reach’s set, aren’t obtained using SPs. If you flipped the legacy toggle in the menu then the introduction of MTX would have nearly no effect.

I’ll be a little pedantic. How do we know the player is a level 1? It doesn’t tell us before the match starts, what everyone else is. I can’t check mid-match. How would we know they have a full armory anyway? We can only ever see what they have equipped.

Actually it would value it. There currently isn’t any tangible market value for MCC armor pieces. The introduction of MTX would literally value the pieces.

I didn’t actually know that. I can understand why this would upset people, but when I ask myself, “Why should I care if someone pays to skip the grind that I put myself through?” I can’t really bring myself to a good reason why.

I hope that vast over exaggeration is intentionally hyperbolic. As fun as super soldier dress-up party is, it’s not the backbone of the experience. I certainly think it’s a fun and important aspect to the game, but if everyone had to be forced to play with the default spartan in every game I still would think MCC is worth the cost.

Personally I don’t see an issue with SPs being able to be directly purchased with real world money if the current systems for earning SPs are preserved. I have a job and I want to unlock a lot of pretty armors.


Can you explain how introducing MTXs is a better system than 343 increasing the rewards per challenge?


Nope! Fortunately I would never make a silly claim like that. What I did say, to reiterate is: I see no issue with improving and preserving the already acceptable system for earning SPs, and then tacking on a monetization scheme which allows players to bypass the already acceptable system.

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We can agree to disagree then. 343 stands to make no noticeable profit from this type of system.
If MCC had hundreds of thousands of players, and the game was free, then potentially sure - although look at how Infinite is flourishing with this system (/s).

But a few thousand players a day and you have to buy the game to begin with? I dont know how to justify it.


This isn’t something that should be considered. This is a collection of the older games and should keep MTX out, stop accepting MTX as if they are ok, they aren’t, the ruin every game they touch.


Wow you clearly have no idea how MTX work in games.

You can see it next to their name in the in-game lobby have you even played MCC before?

Again proving you have NO idea how MTX work and why they’re bad.

You’re in the minority with this mindset.

Actually, it kind of is. Halos popularity in the early days came from Machinima, namely things like Red vs Blue and Arby N the Chief, all of which heavily relied on cosmetics for the characters.

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You’ve completely destroyed your own argument with this one post and you can’t even see it.

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It’s simple, you can’t.

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You’re right, there won’t be a grind AT ALL. And that’s part of the fun of Halo, if you don’t have time to grind that’s a personal problem, one that shouldn’t be fixed by the scam that is MTX.

Nope! You used to be able to, but for years now it anonymizes everyone in your lobby until AFTER the match is already over.

Dang, I guess you got me there. Why don’t you explain to me how you think MTX work and why they’re more harmful than other forms of conspicuous consumption.

I don’t care. I’m the only person who’s opinions I care about. All others I just take into consideration.

Fun fact I used to make machinimas. I was a little popular with a group called machinima union back in the day and the groups founders noted the short-lived show I wrote and directed for being fresh and in the spirit of classic machinima. Even though the forums are long gone I will always cherish that recognition. So please school me on machinima.

Oof, wrong. Halo Combat Evolved was a huge hit in 2001 as the launch title for freshman Microsoft’s Xbox game console. Red Vs Blue came out in April of 2004, nearly three years later.

Arby N The Chief’s premier episode was made in time for the Halo 3 public beta. Waaaaay after Halo had broken multiple world records as a franchise.

In Red Vs Blue, until season 6, the level of customization was down to simply color choices for the characters. From what I remember Arby N The Chief cracked jokes about recon and stuff, but most of the show was live action and puppeted.

I’m very slow, you see. So please explain how I’ve absolutely just owned myself with my own consistent position on the inclusion of MTX in MCC.


I’m personally on the fence with the whole MTX thing. I do not feel it is justified at all considering the items we have are easy to get with the challenges.

The only way I would be okay with MTX in the MCC and by ‘okay’ I mean not acceptable but tolerable is that 343 used whatever revenue they got and outsourced the remastering of the halo 2 maps into the anniversary. I know that this is not actually ever going to happen though so I don’t see the point in adding MTX into the game, it does not and will not benefit the game at all.

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The introduction of MTX serve to bastardize the legacy of Halo’s greatest entries. The idea that a player would want to accelerate their progression via MTX is such an artificial concept, when 343 could easily increase the rate at which Spartan Points are awarded. For those who don’t have time to grind, in an ideal world there wouldn’t be much of a grind. It would simply be a matter of playing the game to earn a decent amount of SPs. If some players are genuinely strapped for time that they couldn’t be bothered to play the game, I think we have reached an existential question of why are they even trying to play in the first place.

On another note MTXs do not serve the best interests of the players. Their presence encourages developers to focus on aspects that will push players to purchase them. In Infinite it definitely feels they have neglected a large portion of the game, but you can bet your -Yoink!- that the store update will happen regularly. In the MCC the developer would be incentivized to make the grind for cosmetics as god awful as possible and focus on adding cosmetic content over new features/bug fixes.

Lastly continued support isn’t guaranteed from MTXs. If this were true Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 wouldn’t have been abandoned so suddenly. 343 is a MS home grown studio, with the full force of gamepass behind them. Xbox players are either paying for XBL Gold/Bought MCC or Game Pass Ultimate members. Continuing to support and update the MCC adds value to gamespass. The desire to add MTXs is a slap in the face to all players.

There is no valid case for MTX in MCC. If you are on the fence I can guarantee you that they serve 0 benefit to you or any other player. The correct course of action is to increase the rate of SPs such as adding/increasing the weekly and monthly payouts. Awarding points for every level is a step in the right direction, and we should continue to respond to that feedback.


How about a couple of hypotheticals?

→ You play MCC pre-MTX
→ You see a person using ODST helmet in Reach
What is your immediate reaction?

→ 343i introduces MTX into MCC
→ You see a person using an ODST helmet in Reach
What is your immediate reaction?


→ You play MCC pre-MTX
→ You see a person using Mirage in Halo 3
How does this directly affect your experience?

→ 343i introduces MTX into MCC
→ You see a person using Mirage in Halo 3
How does this directly affect your experience?

This entire post sums everything up perfectly! And in quite a good bit of detail

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It’s a simple thought exercise?

Let me reiterate because despite your deflection I’m still curious:

Not really. Something a lot of people on here defending microtransactions in MCC seem to be either forgetting or ignoring is that cosmetics are a staple of HALO. Always have been. As has been the experience of unlocking your armor and just chatting with your friends about it. Nobody wants MTX in MCC because that ruins one BIG part of what made these older Halo games great to begin with, a feeling of accomplishment.

Exactly, so it shouldn’t be too farfetched to put yourself into a hypothetical position where you see these cosmetics in play, and answer the questions I posed to you.

Then it shouldn’t be too hard to respond to the hypotheticals then.

I did, or maybe you didn’t read my post close enough. So for your direct answer.

Pre-MTX Mirage: Feeling of accomplishment for earning the armor.

Post-MTX Mirage: Wondering how much little Timmy spent on his moms credit card to unlock the armor.