No moving objects?

Okay so this may sound stupid but, is Halo 4 capable of having maps with moving objects as seen in previous Halo games? I kind of miss the little elevators, spinning wheels (zanzibar), terminal (train) and theres another map I can’t think of that was in Halo 2 and Reach. There was a room which had a set of moving elevators that brought to up to the top of the map. Anyways, I sort of miss these little map staples and wish some of the maps in Halo 4 had these. Is there any sort of reason why they’re not in the game? Thank you again in advance for any feedback to my question.


The map you can’t remember is Reflection/Ivory Tower. Anyway, I presume we have’t seen any maps like this because a lot of these things were prone to glitches. I randomly committed suicide on the Reflection lift more than once.

We already see animated objects in the form of grass, trees, and mass drivers.

The only thing that we can interact with as of this moment though are crates, benches, etc.

This shows that baked on interactable objects are possible. Just not there yet.

Some of the maps currently have objects such as this, just not able to interact with them much you could say. But I do feel the ability is there, and could be seeing some in the upcoming maps, it just takes some fine tuning to clear out the glitches.

Thanks for the feedback you guys, I guess the glitches make sense. I really hope some of the new maps in the crimson pack are smaller maps, we really need those.