No more permanent playlists. Keep them rotational

Because players not living in NA or EU will never play anything but the same 3 playlists

I live on the other side of the world comapared to most players. In addition to having less players in the region, there is no way to play with the majority of the player base since they are all asleep. Even if there are players awake, connection won’t be as smooth playing with them. In other words, the number of players people like me can match with is really tiny. As a result, I can’t play many playlists at all.

In the most popular playlists, I can match games easily. For Warzone, Team Arena and Slayer, I can get games within 20 seconds, a minute at most. For other less popular playlists, It isn’t guaranteed to get a match. Holiday Social is a risky playlist. There is a 50% chance of not matching anyone and returning to the menu. Even if I do get a game, a second one in a row is rare. For the way less popular playlists like Warzone Assault, it is simply impossible to match, To date, I have never played a single match of Warzone Assault. BTB used to match quite frequently. After it was dropped to a social playlist, getting a game is now something break out the champagne for.

We would all like to have every game mode available. I sure as heck would want to play every game mode available online, anytime I want. But right now, even with the small number of permanent playlists, it’s a struggle to play more than 3 different ones. My only hope to play Rumble rockets or any other new game mode is by having a spotlight on them. Rotational playlists are the only reason I can play different game modes.

And that is why we should not have more permanent playlists, but should keep them on rotation instead. Otherwise, players like me will never be able to play at all.

No.Certain playlists should be permanent. It’s unfortunate that you can’t connect as well as others can, but there’s no point in dragging everyone down with you by changing the playlists.