no more free for all?

Why is there no more free for all. I play mostly by myself. So I liked free for all. You added another team playlist. now I have to play something team related. I know y’all made it where we are around the same level but I stillt think they are not good enough to help me increase my rank. In free for all it depends on how good I do. Free for all is what I had my highest rank in. I was going for champion but now I can’t.

I still see it in the playlist

Yea it’s still there.

Weird. Try hard resetting your console OP. That might help.

It’s still there lol.

FFA was fun for me. It’s still there OP.

It’s still there. I’ve only recently started playing FFA and I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it’s chaotic and constant action. On the other, it’s a total cluster that you can’t even get 1v1 engagements because it’s as chaotic as it is.

It’s nice playing Ffa as you get to play as the Spartan you made not a red or blue version of it

It’s still there for me. That’s weird.