No more Duel-Weilding confirmed! >:(

I’ll keep it short and sweet…

-Link to article where i saw this-

-Direct quote from the atricle-

> I wish I could comment more on how that affects Halo’s stable, accessible playing field, but important details are hard to come by at this stage. I can tell you health packs are out, <mark>that there’s still no dual-wielding</mark>, and that over 200 developers are working on the game, building a new campaign and sophisticated multiplayer maps that aren’t broken out of single-player scenes.

Well, im pissed… how 'bout you?

Meh. BR trumps all duel weilding anyway. Rarely used it.

Work in progress, but yeah I saw that then a gigantic -Yoink- eating grin hit my face. Dual wielding was dumb. It served no tangible purpose that couldn’t be accomplished with another, two handed weapon.

+1 for 343
-1 for redundancy

There was nothing wrong with dual wielding. Maybe a plasma pistol and halo 1’s magnum might be a pit overpowered though…

Although it would have been nice, I’m ok with it.


I loved dual wielding but I guess I can live without it :slight_smile: It’s those perks I’m worried about. They better have just as many playlists without them as with them- or all of us will know the direction they’re aiming for. And I will weep for Halo’s once amazingly simple balance and rue the days of Halo’s pathetic attempt to replicate other successes. Sure, it might be fun and sure, I might play it many times- but it just isn’t Halo and it shows that Halo really is going mainstream. What can I say, I hope I’m wrong :confused:

It should be in the game. They’re putting all this effort into making you feel like a Super Soldier, but you can’t dual wield?

It’s just another additional aspect that adds to my disappointment.

I was paying more attention to, “Health packs are out.” The fact that dual weilding was a nice feature, it was never really used and it bought more disadvantages than advantages IMO

Honestly, I lost faith in 343.

Good. Duel wielding dilutes the weapon sandboxs and takes away from halo gameplay, which revolves around the use of guns, melee and nades.

Towards the end of playing Halo 3 I got into using duel pistols

Eight shots in the head would down someone and duel wielding the gun meant I could get off four shots per gun quicker than someone using the BR.

When I was fighting someone I could fire all the round from one pistol and reload it while firing the other.

I couldn’t use grenades

Now people always say that weapons like the pistol were weaker because they could be duel wield but I counter that:

You can use your second weapons while searching for a third weapon to duel wield.

The duel weapons were more powerful than other weapons when used as intended.

In reality, NO ONE in halo 3 takes dual wielding by choice in a big team game.
I can understand why bungie ditched it in halo reach anyway.

I never did it in Halo 3 but I still DW when playing Halo 2 all the time, campaign or on LAN. It’s amazingly fun in 2 and worked great.

The only thing so far that I am truly disappointed about. If you knew how to do it right only power weapons or another dual wielder could stop a dual wielder in close range in 2&3.

Dual wielding was limited in halo3 anyway with the AR start. There was literally no point in running around the map and finding not one, but two dual wieldable weapons. And as such it was hardly used/redundant in games. However in halo2 dual wielding was great with the smg start. Since the smg was a dual wieldable weapon all you needed to find was one spare gun on the map and you were on your way. Pretty much everyone would dual wield in that game and it was pretty fun. So if they were going to make it like reach or h3 where your primary gun was a AR or something I dont really care. So really it depends on the game. Dual wielding can be awesome (like h2) or meh (h3).

> The only thing so far that I am truly disappointed about. If you knew how to do it right only power weapons or another dual wielder could stop a dual wielder in close range in 2&3.

Than no one knew how to do it right. I have never once been killed by someone dual wielding.

It’s not really a big deal.

>: (