No more boss kill checklist on Waypoint?

The Boss checklist was something I would occasionally check on Waypoint, where it showed your boss kill count per each boss on each map when looking at your Warzone stats. Since the update dropped today, have they removed this section of your service record? That would be a shame if they did, I liked that page.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Weird.

Same thing. Had searched everywhere but did not find it. Want see new bosses.

Must be there answer to boss stealing. /s

That sucks. I rather enjoyed looking at the stats like that. Maybe they want to keep the new bosses a secret for the moment?

I wanted to see the new Warzone Bosses but now i can’t.

Yeah it’s a shame, the completionist in me likes to get all the bosses at least once and I was hoping to see which of the new ones I had got.

Why did they remove it? It wasn’t causing anyone any harm, and it’s kinda fun to see what bosses you have killed and haven’t, so that you know which boss to look out for the next time you play that map. Please bring the boss checklist back.

Pessimist: easier to remove than update with the new bosses.
Optimist: maybe they took it down while they are updating it for the new bosses.
You choose.

Yeah,there could be a reason for this,maybe it’s temporary because of the new map,or permanent,I have no explanation for this,it would suck if they removed it.

Yeah, what the heck happened?