No more bloom

I just watched the video with the gun sound comparisons and I think there isn’t going to be bloom did anyone else notice this?

There might be some bullet spread (out of the reticle) when using the pistol’s auto fire mode, but noboby does that, because the fire rates is the same at fast semi-auto and at full auto.

No bloom is one of the many reasons why this game won’t suck. I <3 343I

The reason why I like Halo more than other shooters are static reticles.


I have the original halo, and i have to say that there will be some bullet spread. The assualt rifle has a fairly large redicule and does spread. The same with the plasma rifle. They may not have bloom, but bullet spreading should be expected. 343 is trying to keep it the way it was back then.

To be honest, I think the gameplay will almost be exactly the same as the original, in campaign at least. 343 said in the video announcing classic campaign mode that they are using the same game engine as the original CE but using an updated graphics engine to give it kick -Yoink-, beautiful aesthetics.

The gameplay wasnt touched at all. That means no bloom, no AAs, or the DMR. Nothing was changed from the original, except the graphics (which are awesome) and the gun sounds (which are awesome too.) Other than that, nothing was changed.