NO monetization of any kind in Forge or I permanently uninstall

Don’t even think about it.


This is ultimately up to the corporate money bots (you know, the executives) and you better believe they are thinking of ways to monetize forge.


That would literally be the definition of shooting yourself in the foot.


Why would they do that? I honestly want to know why anyone would think that 343 would monetize Forge?

It would be such a catastrophically stupid idea from every single perspective, and I can’t see them making any significant portion of money that would justify such a dumb idea.


Agreed 1000%. From what I’ve seen of Infinites Forge (it looks beastly) monetizing Forge is the official death of Halo, no survivors. It may survive if only certain pieces are monetized, but if using base Forge is paywalled… Halo hits rock bottom and won’t recover…EVER.


If anything functional is paywalled it will not survive.


@Porrage, Halo 5’s Forge required an Xbox Live Gold subscription. They won’t be above charging for pieces in Halo Infinite.

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That isn’t even close to the same thing. Halo Infinite is a free game now that doesn’t require any subscription fees for online multiplayer content/features. That’s the whole reason for their being an in-game store.

@Porrage, we no longer live in the pre-2010’s gaming era. Every corporate decision is based on greed. And as you just said, they already sell visual items. Decorative items like windows, antennas, and columns fit that description.


Charging for pieces would create a number of problems with Forge’s status as a community feature, though. What happens if you load into a map that has pieces that the map creator has bought, but you haven’t?
Maybe you still load into the map and view everything the way he does, you just can’t use those pieces when you’re in Forge edit mode.

But this sounds really transparently dumb, charging for assets that are present and visible to everyone, the only difference is being able to spawn and move them around yourself

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Hence why I said that there is absolutely zero sense to monetize forge. The number of players that are going to get into forge is a fraction of the players that get into customizing their spartan. They’re not going to see nearly the return that they get from selling player cosmetics.

This would actually be stupid. Presumably the map creator is the only person that needs to buy the cosmetic pillars, right?

So then everyone that plays the map as a free user, which will be the overwhelming majority of forge players, will enjoy all the benefits without having to open their wallet. Forge maps can be shared with everyone, right? Free players would just be able to save the map and boom: they never need to spend money.

Nothing about this makes any sense.

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@yrulaughing418, the multiplayer intro exists to advertise cosmetics. They’d use custom games to do the same with certain Forge pieces. And let’s not forget that 343 Industries and Microsoft have both made plenty of transparently dumb decisions.


I think, Forge itself will be completely for free. Otherwise the backlash of the community would be too big.

But you can still monetize it and call Forge a free tool:

  1. Building maps with Forge will be free, but releasing its maps to the public will cost a monthly “rent a server”-fee for the creator.

  2. Players have to buy tickets to play Forge Custom games. 1 Ticket equals 1 game.

The problem is, that the new Forge seems to have so high production costs because of the lenghts of development, that using it only as a tool to keep the player count high (which could be already down to a bare minimum at release) and to keep the store alive would not be enough for Microsoft.

Or I uninstall.

Way ahead of you.


This implementation would be dead on arrival.

Also, Custom games already utilize dedicated servers and there’s no cost to playing those. Why would Forge be any different?

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Yeah, I’ll pay for someone to play my map I’ve spent time creating, course I will! :joy:

Unless you mean the creator gets the money then xxxx yeah :joy:

@Porrage, and what’s the fraction of Halo fans who are in the market for nail polish vs proper Halo merchandise? I’m willing to bet they made more off Mega Construx pack-in coatings than that sparkly purple one. And before you scream, “but that’s different!” again, let me remind you that time will decide which of us is right.

As for the second half, it’s all advertising. Right now, I can loot your pretty Assault Rifle until I die so I rush to the store to keep it permanently. Likewise, that cool Forge piece I saw in our custom game will lead to me buying it so I can use it.

Finally, it makes perfect sense post-2010. If a company can screw you over to make a quick buck, they will. This is the same company who sold MCC broken twice.

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Your last sentence is important: Maybe people pay the creator money to keep a good map alive. :radioactive:


They think they’d get away with it.

I mean, there are numerous ways I can see it happening.
-Piece textures: They could release new textures and those could cost a pretty little penny.
-Effects: Same as with the textures, new map effects like fires, tornadoes etc could be added later and you could get new ones, or reskinned ones for a price.
You get the idea, new assets to use to spice up the map.

Then we have cloud storage and availability.
It’s entirely possible you would be allowed to save and share, say, three maps online for people to download. Then if you’d want more storage and visibility, you could have to pay a subscription fee of sorts to expand your storage capabilities.
With a small bonus of getting more visibility in any form of in-game search engine through prioritization.

I bet they could come up with plenty of ways to fly under the radar with Forge Monetization.
Heck, how about charging the user for testing Forge maps out?
There’s a bottomless well of dumb ideas they utilise.

Who thought Bethesda would’ve made money with the Horse Armor? And here we stand.


This isn’t even close to analogous. A sponsor deal is massively different than monetizing a feature like forge.

It is though.

That would be a good point if you could hit the “save” button and steal my assault rifle to use later.

This makes zero sense. You wouldn’t buy the forge piece, you’d just save the map and play it for free whenever you want. Utilizing a single prop from a forge map isn’t even close to utilizing a skin for a weapon. A weapon skin is a set it and forget it cosmetic. If you wanted to buy a forge prop as an impulse buy, you’d then have to spend dozens of hours putting together a decent map out of it.

That’s. Why. I. Said. It. Wouldn’t. Make. Money. To. Justify. Screwing. Over. The. Customer.