No microtransactions in MCC PLEASE!

Halo Infinite is getting hate for its microtransactions, now they’re deciding whether to put it in MCC?!?! How bout NO, it shouldn’t be implemented at all. We must not let this happen.


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I have enjoyed unlocking armor to change my look. But I’m not inclined to pay money for it. You don’t have to, just unlock as normal. How does this hurt you?

Because eventually if we lay back, MCC will turn into the next Infinite, low quality, no free items, no player choice, do you REALLY want that? Do you really want it to get to the point of paywalling colors in MCC? Because if we don’t come down hard on this HORRID idea whilst it’s not even in it’s infancy, it will evolve to that point over time.


Whoa now, I really don’t think they will remove any of the current choices you have now. And, if in the future, 343 add additional cosmetic items that can only be achieved by buying points, then so be it. I won’t buy them, but will still enjoy the game.

Agreed, I am against microtransactions in MCC

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Microtransactions don’t belong in MCC period, full stop. The playerbase WILL give 343 a hell storm about this.

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I don’t know bud. is 343 known for their honesty and for sticking to promises? Can we really trust them to start and end MTX in MCC with purchasable spartan points. I don’t think so.