No Matter I do...

  1. I go 25-5, my team still sucks.
  2. I go 5-25, my team still sucks.
  3. My team gets a power weapon, my team still sucks.
  4. Even on 4v1, my team still sucks.

The moral of story? My team ALWAYS sucks. Every time. All the time. I’m tired of losing. I’m tired of playing pros when i have 12 year old wanna be’s giving the other team free kills.

Just once, I want to have a game where no one gets a Incineration Cannon and the skill levels are the same.

Randoms in matchmaking are always bad. Find a group of friends to play with.

What if you’re the team of 1, does your team still suck?

Kidding aside, I feel like this is what everyone says all the time when they play with randoms. :slight_smile:

50 in INF, 50 in BT INF and I have played as a random 90% of the time as all my friends left this game a long time ago.

If you’re good, you should be able to carry to a point and if you communicate (even if they don’t you help those bad teammates) heck, you might even get them talking.