No matter how much I win, I can’t rank up.

Hey 343, I know you’ve been working really hard to make everything equal with matchmaking. That being said. It’s not. I have multiple accounts, I usually rank somewhere between diamond 3 and low onyx in slayer. I play with an ever changing team of 4, we are all diamonds or onyx. (Friends of friends) I’m not lieing when I say we won literally 30 games straight the other night and I remained diamond 4 the ENTIRE TIME… not moving an inch. I was one game from diamond 5 and we lost 3 games after our winning streak and I drop to diamond 3. I should have been freaking onyx 1570 or 1600 or something with all the wins we got. It’s frustraiting to make it a lil more clear for you. Ask anyone online, anyone. Most ppl are talking about how lame the ranking system is currently. It doesn’t make any sense to be exact. Just wanted to share 5 mine of my time to let you know someone that’s been around since h2 is probably gunna hang up halo cus it’s boring and frustrating. What’s the point of ranked matches if you never go up… The old ranking system at least made sense… u win, u go up a lil in rank, u lose u go down in ur rank. Yea some ppl get carried, -Yoink- everyone does sometimes. So that means they don’t get to rank up even tho they were on the winning team? Lol yea pretty ridiculous.

give this a read if you want to understand what is going on.